The ATNGW100 uses the AT32AP7000 which combines Atmel‘s state of the art AVR32 Digital Signal Processor CPU with an unrivalled selection of communication interfaces.

  • The Network Gateway provides the following features:
  • Two Ethernet connectors
  • 32MB SDRAM
  • 16MB on-board fl ash
  • Expandable memory through SD or MMC memory cards
  • USB connector
  • JTAG connector for debugging or programming of fl ash
  • Expansion connectors with 63 general purpose IO or peripheal modules from AP7000
  • Power system and status LEDs
  • Two user controllable LEDs
  • Footprint for mictor-38 connector for NEXUS emulator

The NGW100 is also an ideal development board for the AT32AP7000. All resources are available, and it supports communication on any of the device‘s communication interfaces. The board is preloaded with Linux and shipped with I/O interface drivers that can be called from your own code.