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FPGAs for Space Applications

A History of Success Serving the Space Market

Actel Mars mobile

Dedicated to providing FPGAs that meet the stringent radiation and quality requirements of space applications,Actel is the world’s leading supplier of radiationhardened and radiationtolerant FPGAs. Over the last six years, Actel devices have been on board more than 100 launches and have been accepted for flight-critical applications on over 250 satellites.

Actel continues its commitment to the space community with the RTSX-SU and RTAX-S/SL FPGA families. Designed specifically for space, the RTSX-SU and RTAX-S/SL products are built on a foundation of hardened latches, eliminating the need for software-generated triple-module redundancy (TMR) or other single-eventupset (SEU) mitigation techniques.

  • Total dose capabilities up to 300 krad (functional)
  • Single-event latch-up (SEL) immune to ETTH up to 117 MeV-cm2/mg
  • SEU immune to LETTH up to 37 MeV-cm2/mg
  • Single-event transient (SET) - high frequency
  • esting to 150 MHz with no anomalies observed
  • RTAX-SL low-power option with half the standby current of standard products under worst-case conditions
  • Pin-compatible commercial devices for easy and inexpensive prototyping
  • Lower-cost non-hermetic PROTO units that offer the same footprint and timing characteristics as flight units (for RTAX-S/SL and RTSX-SU families)
  • B-flow (MIL-STD 883B), E-flow (Actel Extended Flow), and EV-flow (Class V flow processing)
  • Ceramic package offerings (CQFP, CCGA, LGA)









System Gates

250 k to 4 M

48 k to 108 k

600 k to 3 M

Max. I/Os

248 to 840

224 (RTSX32SU)
353 (RTSX72SU)

270 to 620

Logic Modules

4,224 to 60,480

2,880 to 6,048

13,824 to 75,264

RAM (kbits)

54 to 540


108 to 504

Single Event Latch-Up (SEL) Immune

In heavy ion radiation testing, Actel FPGAs have demonstrated immunity to single event latch-up at LET levels up to 117 MeV-cm2/mg.