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Corporate Orientation

The global MSC Gleichmann-Group, headquartered in Stutensee, Germany was founded in 1979 and focuses on three areas: Distribution, Embedded Computer Technology and Display Solutions. Thanks profound synergy between these three priorities, the special distributor delivers not only components from leading manufacturers, but also highly complex modules and complete subsystems. With its highly qualified application engineers as well as its design and manufacturing centers for industrial hardware and software, MSC Gleichmann-Group stands out from its competitors. The proximity to the suppliers and the consistent use of the latest technologies ensure our customers a high level of competency. The MSC Gleichmann-Group engages as company group over 1,300 employees and has been among the top 5 European components distribution since years.

Product Portfolio:
Semiconductors: Microcontroller, Programmable Logic, Power, RF/Wireless
Memory & Storage
TFTs, monochrome LC-Displays, Touch-Solutions
Embedded Computer Technology: COM Express™, Qseven, ETX®, nanoRISC Modules, EXM32
Industrial Computer Components:
Mainboards, CPU, Hard Disc Drives, Optical Drives
LED Lighting: High Power & High Brightness LEDs, LED-Module & PCBs, Secondary Optics, LED-Driver & Controller
PEMCO: Frequency Devices, Passive Components, Electromechanics
Batteries: Batteries & Assembled Battery Packs


Logistics concepts, programming services, and design services in the areas of distribution, Embedded Computer Technologies and Display Solutions

The MSC Gleichmann-Group has a Europe-wide marketing organisation with 10 regional offices in Germany and 25 subsidiaries in Europe.

Target Markets

In addition to the Automotive, Telecommunications and Consumer Goods Industries the MSC-Gleichmann Group has always focused its products and services strongly on the fields of Industrial Electronics, Measurement and Control Technology, Automation, Gaming and Medical Technology. .

Quality Management
DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 13485

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